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About Us

About Marhaba Medical Centre

Marhaba Medical Centre was established in 2000, providing family healthcare services for the last 20 years.

At Marhaba Medical Centre, we are committed to providing world class, affordable healthcare to all sectors of the community. We are a part of the community ourselves, and we are as committed to health education as we are to providing world-class prevention, diagnoses and treatments. 

All departments are exceptionally well equipped with the best technology available internationally.

For the betterment of your wellbeing, all of these facilities and medical services are now available on your doorstep, in Heart of Deira, Fish Roundabout, Dubai.

Patients from all over UAE are also welcomed here in Marhaba Medical Centre and we are treating the patients traveling from other emirates. Marhaba Medical Centre – Investing in you for a better future

Marhaba Medical Centre is proud to have specialist Clinics, all led by world class medical professionals speaking a multi- languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Malayalam, Kannada and Odia.

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