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Packages and Offers

Health check-up is a preventive approach to health management in a calm and comfortable environment.


Health check-ups in Marhaba Medical Centre are a combination of physical examination, laboratory and radiology investigation along with outpatient procedure that ensures the complete screening of the patient from head to toe. We have different kind of health check-ups tailored mainly according to the individual needs, lifestyle, age, sex  and gender.


You can address your all the current health conditions to our physicians who will ensure the  complete care. In the end of health check-up our physician will release the medical report explaining the diagnosis of any disease identified during the process of examination and screening.


A complimentary follow-up consultation will also be scheduled (if necessary) with the same physician within 15 days time to ensure changes in the health condition based on the advice given by our physician during the health check-up.

Our Check-Ups

Diamond health check up male / female

Platinum health check up package male / female
499 AED

Gold health check up package male / female
399 AED

Silver health check up package male / female
299 AED

Beauty smile health package
249 AED

Kids health check up package
349 AED

Immunization Packages

Below 1 year + free consultation
1999 AED

1-2 years + free consultation
999 AED

4-6 years + free consultation
499 AED

Limit Time Offers

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing with free Dental Consultation and Blood Pressure Check Up
159 AED

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